Powerschool Issues - Use Firefox



We have had a number of teachers submit helpdesk tickets regarding connection issues while using PowerSchool (PS)l; they login to take roll, etc., and when they click submit, PS has already logged them out. This is a known issue between PS and Chrome. We recommend you use Firefox if you have difficulty staying connected while using Chrome. However, Firefox is not installed on the teacher Macs by default.

While in Finder (this means you are not using another application like Microsoft Word or Safari) click “Go” and then click “Applications”. If ‘Go’ is not an option on the toolbar you are probably not in Finder; click on the desktop or a folder and it should appear.



Navigate through the list of applications until you see “Self Service” and double-click it


Type “firefox” in the search box on the left side of the application.


Click “Install”.


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