Setting Up Your Voicemail Box




  1. To Access VoiceMail
    1. Dial *17
    2. When prompted, dial the mailbox number
    3. Press #. 
  2. Enter Default Password

       Enter the default password which is 28292.

  1. You will be prompted to Change/Personalize your password
    1. Choose a _5-16___  digit password followed by the  #  (Passwords such as  1234 or 1111 will not be accepted.).
  2. You will be prompted to Record your name or the name of this mailbox
    1. Press 1  to begin recording your name.
    2. SPEAK your name at the tone. (Say your name only, this is not a greeting.)
    3. Press 1  again to end recording.
    4. Press #  to approve your recording or  1  to re-record your name.
  1. To create a personalized greeting -Hang Up and Dial *17 or press the  mceclip1.pngMessage Key and refer to Visual Voice Call Flow directions below.


Quick Tips 


  • To transfer a caller directly into a voice-mail box, press Transfer,  #  and the mailbox number.
  • To leave a message in a colleague’s voice-mail without ringing their phone, dial _# + colleague’s mailbox number.
  • To bypass a someone’s personal greeting, press 1. And then leave your message. 
  • To access your mailbox from your phone press the message key and enter your password. The Visual Voice options below will display on your phone. Follow direction below to proceed.  
  • To access your mailbox from another phone Dial *17 enter your mailbox and passcode.
  • You may be set up to receive an email notification when you receive a voicemail message. The voice mail message will be attached to the email as a wave file.You will know is a voice message as the email will show as from
  • You can change how your voicemail messages are stored by following the instructions below under Main Menu choose option for Email.



Visual Voice

Visual Voice allows you to access your voicemail mailbox using the display menu of your phone rather than following spoken mailbox prompts. After you have initialized your mailbox you only need to press the mceclip3.png


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