Installing TestNav on MAC


Open your browser and go to to download the TestNav installer

Click on the OS X/MacOS button to begin the download.


Before Installing the downloaded file go to Self Service and grant yourself temporary admin access.

Temporary Admin Access

Open Self Service

Click Scripts on the Left.  Select Temp Admin Access



Select Run – When the box pops up select Make me and admin pleasemceclip2.png

Close Self Service.

Install the downloaded application file


Go to your downloads folder and double click the .dmg file (eg testnav-1.4.1.dmg).  The TestNav Install window appears to begin the installation.



Drag the TestNav Icon on the left to the Applications Folder on the right.

The application is now installed



Security preferences must be set on the first use

Open your launchpad or applications folder and double click to open the TestNav application

When prompted with the option for opening - Select Open


When prompted Select Open System Preferences


Click the lock in the lower left to unlock the System Preferences- Login with your username and password.            If your temp admin time has expired – you may run the temp admin script again.


Place a check in the box for TestNav under Accessibility


The application should now be ready to use.


Run App Check

To run App Check:

  1. Click or tap the appropriate icon for your test from the home page to go to the Sign In
  2. Click or tap the user drop-down menu, and select App Check.





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