Wireless Connecting to TV or Projector - Connecting to ScreenBeam to share your screen


ScreenBeam is a third party hardware/software that allows wireless connections to projector screens and Tv's.    Not all rooms have the screenbeam installed.  For the rooms that do here is how to connect.  Connecting your device will allow you to share your screen


Click the Control Center Icon located in the upper-right corner of your screen (in the menu bar). It looks like two tiny toggle switches 




After clicking this, select “Screen Mirroring


Next, you’ll see a list of compatible devices that your Mac has discovered on your network.


Click the appropriate one for your room to begin mirroring.

(you will see different AirPlay receiver names than those listed in our example.)  It may be a longer list similar to below.


  This works for Screen Beam or Apple TV, as well as other third party connection software.

After clicking on your room number, the ScreenBeam will start to connect to your laptop (this could take a few minutes at times). In the process of connecting, there will be a 4-digit PIN that shows up on the TV or projector screen.


You will have to type that in the pop-up box that comes up on your Mac.



That is it, you should be able to share your screen or extend your display on your TV.

While you’re connected and actively sharing your screen, the Screen Mirroring icon in the menu bar will turn blue (It looks like one rectangle overlapping another).


To disconnect and stop sharing your screen, click the Screen Mirroring icon (or click “Screen Mirroring” in Control Center) and click the receiving device name whose icon is highlighted in blue.




IPAD: To open Control Center, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen



If you are using a Windows computer



Start by clicking the windows button windowsIcon.png + K. This should pull up something on the right side of your Windows device that looks like this.


Yours will most likely not look exactly like this. This will show a list of room numbers and the name of the school. Click on your room number.


There will be a 4-digit PIN that shows up on the Tv or Projector Screen and an area on your laptop to type that PIN in where indicated on your device.  Enter the Code Provided

You are done connecting your Windows device to your ScreenBeam.



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