Inswan Doc Cam


To install the new Inswan Doc Cam Software - Open self-service; you can either search for it on your Mac or most of the time it will be on your dock at the bottom of your home screen.  


 Search in self-service for “Inswan” and there should be an app that looks like the following picture. Click install if it is not installed yet.  



Once this is done installing, search on your Mac for “Documate” or look in the “Finder” app for a program called “Documate”.  This may be confusing as in self-service it is called “Inswan Documate”.  It will look like the following.  


  The app is circled above and will most likely be named "Documate 2.0_V2.2.6.3" 

Open this app and plug in your new doc camera with the small USB-C to USB-A converter that should be laying on the box. (Windows devices will not need to use this adaptor). Here is what the app looks like, you can freeze the camera, add shapes and multiple other things.  


Below is a link to a youtube video that is a great resource for using the Inswan Software

Annotating with the INSWAN and Documate


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