Gradebook Upgrade- PowerSchool to PowerTeacher Pro


Before you leave for summer vacation, we are asking that you upgrade from PowerTeacher gradebook to PowerTeacher Pro.  The benefits include a stable working environment AND a gradebook that no longer requires Java!!  This will equate to being able to enter grades more reliably.

Upgrading your gradebook to PowerTeacher Pro couldn't be easier.  The entire process takes about 30 seconds!  The caveat is that there must be assignments entered in your current gradebook to perform the upgrade.  That is why we are asking you to do this at the end of the school year. All of your current assignments and grades will migrate preparing for an easy start to the new school year.  

To complete the migration, log in to PowerSchool using your SJSD credentials. Once you are logged in you will need to verify that your classes show PowerTeacher Pro under each section.  If verified, click on PowerTeacher Pro in the upper left hand corner.

***OF NOTE***

If you are leaving the district and/or are a K-1 teacher, you do not need to complete the upgrade.  If you are a district employee that will not be in a teaching position, you do not need to complete the upgrade. If you are a teacher at Humboldt or Lake, you do not need to complete the upgrade.



When you are in PowerTeacher Pro you will be prompted to migrate your gradebook.  Once you click on "Migrate" the process takes about 30 seconds dependent on the number of assignments. You will see progress bubbles that denote when a section has been migrated.


Here is a video that shows the process. If you have any questions, contact the HelpDesk or call 671-4444.

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  • Avatar
    Andee Stagner

    But how do you access Power Teacher Pro?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Briedwell (inactive)

    Sign in to PowerSchool and you should see Power Teacher Pro in the upper corner of of the Navigation pane.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Robertson

    Will you always have to access Power Teacher Pro in a web browser or is there an application for the mac like gradebook?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Briedwell (inactive)

    @Matt Robertson It is web-based.

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