Headphones and Chrome Books- How to keep the sound in their ears!

We all enjoy our little students that walk, skip and barrel into our classrooms on a daily basis. What we don't enjoy is hearing 25 different sets of sounds coming from their chromebooks while they are working. Thank you headphones!!
Except, what happens when they don't work when they are plugged in?  Here is the fix for that (ensuring the headphones are in good working condition, of course!).
  1. Make sure the headphones/earbuds are plugged in.     
  2. Click on the avatar in the lower left hand corner.         
  3. Click on the arrow to the right on the sound.               
  4. Select "Headphones" from the list.                              


If the headphones/earbuds do not show in the list, they may either not be plugged in all the way or are defective.


Hope this helps keep the classroom quiet(er), maybe.

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