Install OS X High Sierra


All staff MacBook airs can be updated to the latest stable OS version, High Sierra. Normally the update could be downloaded from the App store but, we have cached (pre-installed) the installer to simplify the process.


As always, please back up important files before beginning an update and make sure your MacBook Air is connected to a power source.


Best practice for performing this update is to make sure the computer is plugged in and charging. You will need to have anywhere from 50-60 minutes to let the computer install the update. DO NOT restart your computer during this update process. It may appear to be frozen or unresponsive, but it is installing the update. Also, please close all open applications before beginning the update process.


To install the update, please open the Applications folder. Click the Install High Sierra button and a management action window will pop-up. Select Start now and submit, after that the update will be prepared and you will be prompted to log off and wait for it to reboot. Please DO NOT manually restart your laptop, log off and it will automate the process its self after 5 minutes have passed.



Upon reboot, you will see a screen that looks similar to the image below. It has a progress bar to indicate how much time remains. Once again, please DO NOT power down the laptop during this process.  


After it has finished the install, it will reboot and you will be able to log back in. Congratulations, you just successfully updated to OS X High Sierra.


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