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Judging by the volume of calls today, you have undoubtedly noticed that the Powerschool upgrade did more than just upgrade Powerschool, it also upgraded gradebook.  We are actively correcting this issue,  We are currently pushing a policy to your computer (as of 9:50 pm CST 30% had received the new policy) that will effectively remove the old gradebook and install the new.  You will not even know this is happening (scary, I know).  Once the new client is installed, it will open your default web browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) and prompt you to sign in to Powerschool.  After you have signed in, please use the "Launch" button to activate gradebook.  You will only need to this upon the initial launch.  From here on out, you can open the client and sign in that way.





Now that you have gradebook setup, let's add it to either your desktop or your dock. (Don't worry, it's pretty simple).
  1. Click on "Go" and select "Home" (fig. 1)
  2. Click on the "Application" folder (fig. 2)
  3. Click and drag "Gradebook" to either your dock or desktop. (fig.3)




If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444. 







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