Email Quarantine- Upgraded Spam Filter

Here are few things we have learned over the first couple weeks of school:
  • If a message is in the quarantine filter, you have 14 days to make the decision to release it to your inbox.  If 14 days has surpassed, the message will no longer be able to be accessed. 
  •  In the instance a message from a known, safe sender is quarantined, you can "whitelist" or approve the sender, preventing future messages from being quarantined.  To do this, follow these quick steps.

Office 365

  1. Visit (if you are still using Outlook 2011) or (if you are using Office 365)
  2. Log in ( and enter your password.
  3. (Office 365) Click on the ⚙ in the upper right hand corner and select "Options". (see fig. 1)
  4. From the list on the left, select "Block or Allow". (fig. 2)
  5. Enter the email address or domain of the sender you wish to approve.  In this example, I chose "".  Any message from apple will be delivered to my inbox. (fig. 3)

  1. Visit
  2. Log in (
  3. In the upper right hand corner, select "Options". (fig. 1)
  4. Choose "See All Options". (fig. 2)
  5. On the left, select "Block or Allow" and enter the email address or domain you wish to approve. (fig. 3)




Welcome back......almost!  As you enjoy the last few precious hours of your summer vacation, you have probably succumbed to checking your email to make sure you aren't missing anything.  While browsing, you probably noticed a new item in your inbox that looked like this.
Don't be alarmed. We recently upgraded our content filtering for Outlook as we gear up for Office 365. (There will be information coming out about that soon enough) This upgrade means that you will no longer be receiving the $100 gift cards from Wal-Mart or Amazon notifications (Sorry) or any of the other countless random e-mails you received.  These are all a good things, BUT it will also catch some of the messages that you want to come through.  If you open the message, you will notice that is gives you options: "Release to Inbox" or "Report as Not Junk"
These options will do exactly as it sounds, place the email in your inbox and/or remove it from the filtering net.  Releasing it to your inbox, will deliver the message to your inbox for further review.  If you report it as "not junk", it will remove it from the quarantine section and allow it to be delivered in the future.  
We really hope that this new filtering system will make things easier and cut down on the confusing spam emails you receive from here on out.  If you have any questions, please contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.


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