New Browser Security Settings (EAC Access)


First off, thank you to everyone that contacted either the HelpDesk or Human Resources checking on this issue.  Recently, the internet browser community increased their security settings in their applications to better protect you, the user.  If you look at your address bar in your browser, you will notice there is a symbol that precedes the address.  This will help you to identify whether the site you are visiting is safe or not.  This is to protect you from being a victim to individuals attempting to gain your personal information.  Without boring you with technical details, which I may have already done, you can read more about security upgrades at Firefox Security.

For those of you that have been trying to access you Employee Access Center and received a warning, please proceed and confirm the exemption.  This will prevent from receiving this message in the future.







Google Chrome








As you can see, all 3 browsers are very similar in their approach to approving the website.  If you have any questions, please contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.



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