Changing Your SJSD Computer Password


Updating your Password

As we continue to improve our best practices in regards to information security, it is recommended that district staff change their computer password every 90 days.  This helps to prevent potential hackers from gaining access to your computer and its data. TMC will initiate a recurring policy that will require you to change your password at the login screen of your Mac/PC.  TMC will not know what your password is, so it is important you choose a secure but memorable password. It is also worth noting that you can change your password at any time if you feel it has been compromised by contacting the HelpDesk. Changing this password will also change your SchoolWires, email, Google Apps, PowerSchool and Wifi. You will not be able to reuse the same password more than once. 

 Must be at least 8 characters and characters must include 3 of the 4:

  1. Upper case letter

  2. Lower case letter

  3. Number

  4. Special Character (such as !@#$)
Password cannot include any part of your first or last name – and cannot be more than 2 consecutive characters.
Example:  John Smith cannot make his password any of the following: JohnSmi1, Smith123, Yellow000
You MUST connected the the SJSD network to perform this task.  It will not work from home.
Opening AdPassMon will place it in your menubar complete with a countdown clock. The app is located inside your Applications folder.

When it is time to change your password, your clock will show "0".  Changing your password BEFORE it hits "0" is a smart idea.  To change your password, simply click on the countdown clock and select "Reset Password".


From there you will follow the on-screen directions.  This will change your password AND get rid of those ridiculous pop-ups.  Hope this provides some relief and if not, please contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.



If you are not receiving a countdown date you can follow these simple directions to rectify.  Click on the brackets.

A drop down menu should appear, select "Refresh Kerberos Ticket".

A date should now appear indicating how many days remain until your password expires. From there you can reference the above steps to change your password.

If you receive an error that your password change failed, it is more than likely due to your keychains being out of sync. Please contact the HelpDesk to assist in resolving this issue.


If nothing happens when trying to change your password, restart your machine and try again. 

On a PC here are the steps to change your password
First log out of your PC if required. You must be at the CTL ALT Del to log on screen.
Log in as you normally would
You will notice a prompt asking you to change your password. Click OK
Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice. Be sure to adhere to the password requirements mentioned above.
If your password does not meet the requirements you will receive the following message. Click ok and choose a stronger password
This screen verifies you have successfully changed your password. Click ok to continue logging on.
When you are logged in and want to change your password early, you can do alt+ctrl+delete.  This will bring up a new menu screen.  Select "Change Password" and set up your new password.
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