Another Option for Backing Up


We have received many request for another option to back up your MacBook Pro.  Previous post listed an external hard drive and/or Google Drive.  You ask, we deliver.  We are going to look at backing up to a flash drive.  You can pick up a flash drive in various sizes, all the way up to 128 gb in town, and online up to 256 gb.  Here we go.


  •  Insert flash drive in to USB port on computer.

  • Double click on flash drive on the desktop.It should should look like this when you opened it, it may not be empty which is fine.
  •  Now Press  (⌘+N) which will open a new window.

  • Select your name from the sidebar on the right.


  • Begin dragging folders from your home folder to the flash drive.


One more option for backing up your data.  If you any have questions, please contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.


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