Accessing DRC Insight for Chromebook (Fix Screen Resolution) **UPDATED**


The first step to completing the Missouri Grade Level Assessment technology readiness check is to select DRC INSIGHT Online Assessments app from the Kiosk Applications. Remember that no one should be logged into the Chromebook at this time.



Next , select the MISSOURI program.



Once at this step, if you have already preformed a readiness check you can select Online Classroom Diagnostics or the MAP- Grade level Assessment. If you have not yet preformed a readiness check see below for further instruction.

In the bottom left corner there is a rather faint check mark, click this to begin the readiness check.



When asked to enter an access code use: 7745      The end user should expect to see ALL GREEN CHECK MARKS. Once this is complete, and all users have seen the green checks, the user may quit the readiness check by clicking the "Exit" button at the bottom of the screen.




A screen resolution error is a pretty common error we see when running the readiness check. Students can check the screen resolution prior to running the test, but here is the fix if it comes up.



Have the student log into the Chromebook.






Click on the users icon at the bottom right of the desktop. 


Select the cog.


Search for Displays


Change the resolution to the recommended 1366x7685.png



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