We're getting Clever....(bad pun intended)


Over the summer we have taken strides to make your lives/jobs easier.  The latest endeavor involves logging on your students to iReady and Lexia.  They can now simply use a QR code and hold it in front of the camera on their device.  Please watch the two screenshots to print QR codes and for student sign on.


For Home Use 

Students will use the Active Directory function.  To access the Clever portal, visit the SJSD website and select the Student tab in the upper right hand corner.  Next, you will select Curriculum Links and Clever.  This will redirect to the Clever Portal login window.  Select Active Directory and enter your SJSD credentials.  The username is firstnamelastname@sjsd.k12.mo.us and the password is lastname+ID.  



As always, if you have any questions you can contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.


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  • Avatar
    Trisha Campbell

    In the elementary schools are all of the Q cards the same for each subject, or do we need to print one of each subject for students?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Briedwell (inactive)

    One code will work for all subjects.

  • Avatar
    Angela Rippe

    Is this only for K-2? Are the computers all ready to go with the login screen that allows the student to just hit 'next' or is this something we need to set up?

  • Avatar
    Kati Reid

    How are the hyphenated and double last names put into the system? We tried to log some students in and couldn't figure out their logins.

  • Avatar
    Jeff Briedwell (inactive)

    It will work for all students @angelarippe

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