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Self Service is where you can find approved applications to install without technical staff assistance and helpful links to web applications.  If an item in self service is unknown or unfamiliar to you,  you should ask before attempting to install.

The icon for self service looks like this. 



You may see this on your dock at the bottom of your desktop screen.  You may also find it many other ways.

You can open the launchpad from your dock and find it there.



You can open finder and search for it



However you choose to open Self Service is the same result.

When you first launch Self-Service you will notice all the categories on the left side.


To access the website shortcuts (i.e.this page, timeclock, Outlook webmail and submitting a "tech" helpdesk ticket) click on "Helpful Links".


You may login to Self Service by choosing the login at the bottom


You can explore the other menu areas such as notifications and history.  Notifications will alert you to any issues with the installation of an item or updates.  History will tell what has been installed and the date.



If an application you need is not in Self Service you will need to submit a helpdesk ticket.  Depending on the request you may also need to complete a software request form.  Information and the form can be found here 

As always, if you need assistance you can contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.



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