Self-Service 2.0




You might have noticed a new icon recently added to your computer.  We updated our management system for our Apple products and with that came a new, improved version of Self-Service.  The new icon is not the only difference. We will now be able to catalog updates that are needed for your machine to keep it running tip-top.

When you first launch Self-Service you will notice a new load screen.

The landing page has a different feel. You will notice that all the categories are now on the left side, where as before it appeared on the right.


To access the website shortcuts (i.e.this page, timeclock, Outlook webmail) you will now need to click on "Helpful Link".


You can check for updates that need to be installed.


As well as see which updates you have already installed.


You will still use Self-Service to install printers/copiers.  The search bar has moved from the upper right corner to the upper left.  


We are excited about the new look! As always, if you need assistance you can contact the HelpDesk at 671-4444.



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