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The following video shows how to access practice Missouri Grade Level Assessments practice tests. 

School ORG Unit
Bode EkpixdJKpwt
Carden Park NJRox_JF6DK
Coleman 4JknlOyKTwK
Edison Vkg2g_JtTvK
Ellison VkbhxO1tpPK
Field 4kM3edyKTwt
Hosea N17ned1Fpvt
Humboldt 41E3xO1YTwY
Hyde E1rhxOktpDY
Lake NJL2xO1K6vY
Lindbergh 4kv3gO1Kpvt
Mark Twain Nyu2x_JFavF
Oak Grove 4JFnlO1Fpwt
Parkway V15nlOktawF
Pershing N1o2e_JFawt
Pickett Ny32e_yKpDK
Robidoux Nk63lOyKaPY
Skaith 4JAheu1tTPY
Spring Garden NJ16euyYpvt
Truman 4ygpguktTwF


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