New and improved version of Google Drive


Have you been receiving a popup that says your Google Drive is going away soon? 



Don't panic, your data isn't going anywhere.

Google recently released two new versions of Google Drive (Google Backup and Sync and File Stream) and are doing away with "Google Drive".  Backup and Sync is targeted for individual use and File Stream is for enterprise.  

File Stream functions just as Google Drive did, but does not store a copy of your Google Drive on your computer.  (Think of it like having 2 copies of your data) This will free up valuable hard drive space on your local computer.  File Stream also gives access to your team drive folder without visiting the web interface.

Simply visit Google File Stream and follow the steps to begin the installation.  You can select the folders you wish to backup and Google will do the rest.  As you make changes to those folders, Google will see the changes and automatically sync to the most recent version.  








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